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Nissan Leaf Electric Car

Q: When will this car be available at dealerships?
A: It will be on the road in some markets (CA, OR, WA, AZ, TN, NC) in 2010, with more states to follow.

Q: Will there be multiple options on how/where to charge up?

A: Absolutely. You'll be able to charge at home, at work and at stations along your route.

This is gonna be pretty sweet. Now that the Nissan North American headquarters has moved out here to Franklin (specifically, the next exit past my office), I'd say it's a virtual guarantee that there will already be electric charging stations in the area by the first day these go on sale.

Plus, take into account the tax credits that go into effect on January 1, 2010, and this car will probably be one of the most affordable vehicles on the road inclusive of traditional internal combustion vehicles.

Plus, PLUS, since Middle Tennessee's electric power is hydroelectric, we'll be one of a select few places where this car truly produces zero-emissions.

Now, if they can only make it a little... better looking :)

Nissan Leaf Electric Car | Nissan USA Official Site
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“Cash for Clunkers” program out of money; to be suspended?

"Launched just three and a half days go, the program provides up to $4,500 in incentives towards the purchase of a more efficient new car...

"[T]he government will probably exceed the $950 million it had budgeted... by tomorrow morning"

“Cash for Clunkers” program out of money; to be suspended?

This to me is an interesting example of how impossible it can be to accurately predict human behavior. Due to its relatively restrictive rules, most people didn't actually think that this program would see much participation. Obviously, we were all proved wrong. Consider me intrigued.
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Honda Confirms CR-Z

Ever since the first concept Chevy Volt was unveiled the promises have been dwindling. The styling has gotten more and more bland with every new set of promotional images, or as GM words it, the design has been "completely revamped." The pricing has climbed about 33% higher than GM ever wanted. The scheduled production quantity has been decreased by over 80%. People are getting bored with the car already, and there's at least another year left before it goes on sale.

The Honda CR-Z concept that has been teasing us for almost two years is now officially slated for production. This car is gorgeous, and as long as Honda doesn't genericize the look of it as happens with 95% of concepts that make it to production, this is a car that I would definitely consider purchasing. It's going to be a hybrid, too - which would typically be a turn off for most true car fans - but this car is a descendant of the long-respected CR-X. It's made for winding roads and great cornering and impressive handling. At least it seems that's what Honda wants us to believe with so much CR-X name dropping.

It sounds like the power plant will be minimal compared to Honda's other sport-oriented models such as the S2000 or even the Civic Si. But take into account Honda's Fit. It boasts the exterior design appeal of an office filing cabinet matched with around 120hp if we're being generous, yet it is surprisingly zippy enough to raise the eyebrows of many S2000 owners who are used to a car half the size with twice the horsepower. So we know that Honda is more than capable of delivering an enjoyable driving experience with less power than you might think possible.

Theoretically, styling is where the CR-Z has a leg up on any of Honda's other small cars like the Insight, Civic, or the afore-mentioned Fit. This car actually looks like an RX8 and a CR-X had a baby. And I'm guessing that with an existing model named the CR-V, they decided that CR-Y was a name that just begged people to tease them. Good move there.

Hopefully Honda will have great success with this model. I look forward to a test drive.

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Never Can Say Goodbye

For as far back as I can remember, I've always said that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were my favorite band and that Michael Jackson was the greatest artist of all time.

I'm still having trouble processing this news. I don't think it has fully sunk in yet.

And to think that I missed any chance to ever see him live.

My weekend

I got to come home for the weekend from Indy. This is good, because everyone knows that Indy is kinda gross. I have to go back tomorrow, but it'll be ok. I have plenty to keep me busy for the week.

I got back in town yesterday afternoon, and I was pretty hyped up on NOS and wanted to go out and do something. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone else who felt the same way, so I ended up going for a run and then watching some more of the third Harry Potter film. This was stage three of that particular film. Tonight will be the fourth and final stage I believe. (I can never finish a movie that long all at once because I have a tendency to fall asleep.)

So now I'm sitting on my back porch enjoying the beautiful June dusk, watching lightning bugs and listening to Buddy Greene bluegrass gospel. It's a perfect ending to the day. I wish I had someone to share it with.
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dirty pop


I totally dusted off some of my old high school mp3s and have been ROCKING OUT to some *N SYNC this week.
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Cadillac CTS

Here's a car I would consider - basically any Cadillac CTS under $10k and 100k mi. I've had one as a rental car before, and it's one of the best sedans I've ever driven. Also, they apparently drop in value pretty significantly, so a used one can be relatively affordable.